Jubilee Gardens

Blogmas 19: Selected photography of London

Over 3 months ago now I had the opportunity to go to BBC Broadcasting House to interview Alex Manzi, Social Media Producer at BBC Radio 1Xtra. This came about thanks to Stephen from the Student Radio Association because I was part of the team that organised the SRA London & East Anglia Training Day – blog post on that will appear soon!

Anyway, a clip from the interview was included in the Student Radio Podcast and broadcast on inRadio back in September – you can listen to that below (I’m about 3 minutes in)

Whilst I was in London I also had some time to kill and thought I would revisit a few special places I had been to before, this time with a camera to capture some of the more hidden gems of London!

(I didn’t actually get a shot of the BBC because I didn’t want to look like a fangirl tourist!)


Blogmas 15: Audio editing and childhood

Today was my final day of work experience at Create Productions and it was another great week of what I hope was valuable contributions to the work of the company. Having been there before, I was able to feed back on what I enjoyed and wanted to do more of, which was audio editing (but actually also a bit of everything!).

Last time I was at Create I spent a chunk of my time editing some poems from a competition, and this time I was allowed to do even more audio editing, which was fantastic. It also showed me how fast the turnaround was for some of the content I was creating. The first set of packages I helped put together were airing on the two following days and the second had a similar ‘deadline’, yet I was never pressured to work faster or finish off swiftly. It also slightly altered my view of childhood character ‘Big Bird’, although having never been a Sesame Street fan I didn’t really mind!

You can hear the Big Bird interview I edited here:


Thanks must also go to Create, particularly Mark, for having me back again and I really hope this is not the last time I associate with Create and Fun Kids!

(In case the embedded player doesn’t work, the link is https://omny.fm/shows/fun-kids/big-bird)

Doctor Who and the Dissertation

Blogmas 7: Doctor Who and the Dissertation

If you know me or follow my social media you will be aware that I have started a podcast about my dissertation, which is focused on Doctor Who and British Society in the 1960s. The third episode was released this morning and it’s been a really fun experience recording and editing my voice every week. It has also been really useful to look over what I have done each week and see how I have actually made progress despite feeling like I haven’t got much done. If you want to hear it from the beginning, episode 1 is here:

Episode 2 is below:

Today’s episode is here:

Each episode should be available to download and I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions on the podcast – episodes will be released every Wednesday morning on my Soundcloud @escarr15!

Fun Kids Podcasts

You may remember that back in July I was very excited about the audio editing I did as part of my placement with Create Productions. The poems really were of high calibre, especially impressive for the ages of the children involved, and you can now hear the podcasts on a playlist from Fun Kids online and on iTunes. One of my favourite poems was also the hardest to edit because of its length so I’ve included it below* – if you only listen to one of the poems, this is my pick!

I won’t repeat myself from my previous post but listening back to this, and having listened to a lot of commercial radio over the last couple of weeks, I really enjoy well edited radio and would definitely love to look into doing audio editing as part of a future career – so if you like what you hear from an editing perspective, get in touch! And thanks must again go to Create, Fun Kids and the Royal Holloway Placement Scheme for providing this opportunity.


*I am not confident that the embed link has worked so please enjoy the poem on the link here whilst I rectify this! Thanks for bearing with me as I continually figure out WordPress. https://omny.fm/shows/fun-kids/wildverse-2016-coronation-by-lucy-purbrick 

Tim and Beth on Let Them Hear with Lizzy Fretwell

Podcasts for Let Them Hear

On Thursday we proudly aired the first edition of Let Them Hear live on Insanity Radio 103.2FM, co-presented by myself and Tim Telford alongside special guest Lizzy Fretwell, president-elect of the Christian Union at Royal Holloway, University of London. I will admit that I was anticipating a lot more opposition and indifference from people around the media suite but everyone was very chilled and encouraging about the show, which made us a lot calmer! Highlights include Shakespeare or Bible? and Lizzy’s wonderfully natural chat about the CU and the Bible verse of the week and the full show can be accessed via the playlist below, which should also take you to our future shows!

Next week we have Hannah from Christ Church Virginia Water coming in with more games and great music, including a song close to my heart from Melissa Hubert. Tune in 11am-12pm every Thursday on Insanity Radio 103.2FM.