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Blogmas 11: Podcasts

Do not fear! This is not a shameless self promotion post! It is about podcasts but not about any of my own work – I’m talking professional, popular podcasts from iTunes. This week I am back at Create Productions for just under a week of work experience, which means a commute. A commute that nears two hours so a four hour round trip. Safe to say I’ve been looking for entertainment options for the journey, and it may be that this comes in the form of podcasts.

Podcasts are nowhere near a new thing – the first podcast I ever listened to was the Scott Mills Daily back in 2009. However, there has been an explosion of podcasts over the last few years and now there are podcasts on many a subject (including my very basic efforts based around my dissertation!) Far from just being the best bits of a radio show, there are now specially recorded podcasts from a variety of genres. Considering I have around 16 hours to kill on the train, I thought I’d try out a few this week:

  1. Kicking the Kyriarchy – This isn’t a new one for me but Insanity Radio Alumni Elena and Sidonie have a great Intersectional Feminism podcast and I haven’t managed to listen to all the episodes yet!
  2. No Such Thing As A Fish – From the makers of QI, this is the first suggestion I got from my friend when I asked for podcast suggestions so I’m going to try it out.
  3. GLAMOUR Presents: Hey, It’s OK… – I don’t tend to read Glamour but they looked like they had good guests and topics and my friend is interning there so I felt like it could be a good talking point.
  4. The Heptagon Club with Paul Kerensa – Another podcast I was already aware of but haven’t got round to listening to, by the amazing comedian Paul Kerensa and his friends – as soon as he got Miranda involved, I was sold!
  5. Terrible, Thanks For Asking – I mainly chose this because I liked the title. Plus how many times do we say we’re fine when we’re actually not.
  6. Recycled Radio – This looks like a cool use of archive material and comes from the pros of Radio 4.
  7. All in the Mind – Although I study history, the brain really intrigues me and I’m interested to see how much I can learn about mental health.
  8. The Listening Project – I’m a big fan of conversations so having a podcast full of the nations conversations seems like a wonderful idea!
  9. What’s The Craic on Radio Reverb – Brighton’s Irish radio show – This is a podcast from a friend from Coastway and I know very little about Irish culture so it should hopefully be enlightening as well as supportive!
  10. Scott Mills Daily – How could I forget my favourite and oldest podcast?! I’m going to mix a few old classics with Beccy involved with the newer episodes so I can both reminisce and keep up to date.

So there we are: ten podcasts, with links, that I am going to try out this week – I’ll fill you in next weekend on my opinions!


#YesAllWomen – Insanity Radio comes to Radio 1

Royal Holloway has always been proud of its feminist history and when Radio 1 asked student radio stations to create a playlist which reflects students lives, Insanity members were quick to look to the strong female influences in music to represent our university’s rich history. Members suggested a wide range of songs and one of our own presenters, Hannah Turner, is bringing the playlist to life on Monday at 9pm on BBC Radio 1. We’re very excited to hear a piece of our little community station on a national platform, and I’m personally looking forward to hearing the sweeper we made to promote it across Insanity Radio 103.2FM tonight and tomorrow, featuring the vocal talents of myself, Ben and Jamie (whose editing talents were also prominent).

You can listen to the show on BBC Radio 1 at 9pm on Monday 23rd May and catch up on BBC iPlayer Radio via the Radio 1 website.