Blogmas 15: Audio editing and childhood

Today was my final day of work experience at Create Productions and it was another great week of what I hope was valuable contributions to the work of the company. Having been there before, I was able to feed back on what I enjoyed and wanted to do more of, which was audio editing (but actually also a bit of everything!).

Last time I was at Create I spent a chunk of my time editing some poems from a competition, and this time I was allowed to do even more audio editing, which was fantastic. It also showed me how fast the turnaround was for some of the content I was creating. The first set of packages I helped put together were airing on the two following days and the second had a similar ‘deadline’, yet I was never pressured to work faster or finish off swiftly. It also slightly altered my view of childhood character ‘Big Bird’, although having never been a Sesame Street fan I didn’t really mind!

You can hear the Big Bird interview I edited here:

Thanks must also go to Create, particularly Mark, for having me back again and I really hope this is not the last time I associate with Create and Fun Kids!

(In case the embedded player doesn’t work, the link is


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