Pasta at Caffe Gondola

Blogmas 8: Caffe Gondola – An unexpected find

Today I took an essay break and headed down to Egham with some of the other media board members (although it basically ended up as an Orbital social with an added Insanity board member). Nevertheless, it was a lovely evening which took an unexpected turn. We had hoped to go to Baja, a great Mexican place which is usually empty, but they couldn’t seat us for almost 2 hours so we headed elsewhere.

We ended up in Caffe Gondola, an Italian restaurant tucked away at the top of the High Street next to Oxfam. With the season of Christmas meals well underway I was not hopeful we’d find somewhere to sit, but the restaurant is HUGE and we got a table easily. Slightly pricey compared to the Italian restaurants I’m used to at home (Donatello’s/Pinocchios in Brighton did a basic pasta/pizza for under a fiver) but there was pretty standard food for under £10 and the portion sizes were sizeable – I also liked the idea of a starter size pasta for £2.50 less than the main course. I got a Fettuccine Carbonara and it completely filled me up plus it was very tasty.

I wouldn’t recommend this as a venue for groups larger than 6 if you want to be able to chat to each other – it’s quite a loud environment so you tend to only talk to the people immediately around you but the staff were lovely. I would definitely return, so I guess our unexpected evening turned out pretty well!


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