Doctor Who and the Dissertation

Blogmas 7: Doctor Who and the Dissertation

If you know me or follow my social media you will be aware that I have started a podcast about my dissertation, which is focused on Doctor Who and British Society in the 1960s. The third episode was released this morning and it’s been a really fun experience recording and editing my voice every week. It has also been really useful to look over what I have done each week and see how I have actually made progress despite feeling like I haven’t got much done. If you want to hear it from the beginning, episode 1 is here:

Episode 2 is below:

Today’s episode is here:

Each episode should be available to download and I would love to hear any feedback or suggestions on the podcast – episodes will be released every Wednesday morning on my Soundcloud @escarr15!


One thought on “Blogmas 7: Doctor Who and the Dissertation

  1. […] been an explosion of podcasts over the last few years and now there are podcasts on many a subject (including my very basic efforts based around my dissertation!) Far from just being the best bits of a radio show, there are now specially recorded podcasts from […]

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