Blogmas 3: SocSport – Insanity Radio teams up with Cricket to raise money for Royal Holloway RAG

This year Royal Holloway Students’ Union has started a new initiative to raise money for our RAG (Raise and Give) charities: SocSport. This brings together societies and sports clubs to run fundraising events over RAG week, which is coming to an end this weekend.

Insanity Radio was paired with Cricket and they have planned a great evening tonight at Medicine. There will be a quiz, karaoke, a raffle and one of the wonderful Insanity Sessions afterwards with great DJs and equally great company. It all kicks off at 7pm in Stumble Out and is raising money for RAG’s three partner charities – Action Against Hunger, Meningitis Now and White Lodge Centre. They’re all a deserving cause so get down to the bottom of the inappropriately steep hill to Medicine and Stumble and join the Cricket and Insanity fun!

The Facebook event can be found here:


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