Notebook and pen in grass

Blogmas 1: ‘Become better writers by writing a lot’

Today is the first day of December, which is the start of Advent and means that Christmas is just around the corner. On my previous blog, I attempted Blogvent, or what I later discovered was commonly known as Blogmas – 1 post every day for Advent. I didn’t complete it, but my blog is long overdue some content and this year I am planned and ready to finish the challenge!

To start my challenge, I have chosen a quote from a study skills session I attended that was run by one of my seminar tutors: ‘Become better writers by reading a lot, become better writers by writing a lot’. This is something that is true and transferable to multiple settings. Not only should you practice your craft – and believe me, practice does the world of difference – but also learn from others.

Take writing. If I think about it, I can read something and find aspects that I think are really good and then try to adapt features to fit my own writing style. It’s also applicable to radio. If I hear a good feature or topic, I’ll make a note and come back to it to see how I can make it my own – it can even apply to good song combinations. I’m not one for plagiarism though, so that’s always something to bear in mind.

On the other hand, there’s a practical aspect to the statement and that’s almost what Blogmas is all about – writing to improve writing. Writing to improve consistency, writing to improve commitment and writing to improve content. You can’t vow to be a better writer without doing a lot of it, in fact you can’t be a writer at all! This can be applied to anything – radio, sport, music, the list goes on… I know from experience that anything I start improves as I do it more and looking back at early radio shows and writing pursuits, I can see the change.

So this is where Blogmas begins! There will be posts about events I am involved in, comments on things I have read and updates on what I have been up to over the past few months. If you have ideas or suggestions, send a comment or a message over my contact tab, and I hope you enjoy the next month of content!



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