Wildverse on Fun Kids

I spent the last week on work experience at Create Productions, where I did everything from organise my supervisor’s life to audio editing (and many other tasks in between!) – it really was a great week and a wonderful placement. One of the first tasks I had to do was edit the audio of the entries for a competition on DAB radio station, Fun Kids, called Wildverse. With a collection of poetry books gathering dust all over my family home and what some would see as my own odd passion for audio editing, this was almost a perfect task for me!

Even though I only edited the audio, I am very excited to hear the poems being broadcast on national DAB radio and know that I helped create something which loads of people will hear and hopefully enjoy. The poems are really great too and I would definitely recommend listening in to hear them, even if you aren’t interested in my audio editing.

The winners will be announced from tomorrow (Wednesday 20th July) during The Club with Bex, which is on Fun Kids from 4pm every weekday. You can find out more on the Fun Kids website and listen on DAB, online, via their app (Apple and Android) or on a Smart TV! If you want to know more about Create, where I did my placement, their website is here.


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