‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’ piece published in The Founder

December 2014: Article published in the Founder

In December 2014 I saw my first article published in Royal Holloway’s independent student newspaper, The Founder. Entitled ‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’, it was a piece about how I enjoyed listening to the station and that it did not conform to the stereotypes that some people hold about student radio, as well as strongly hinting at how I wanted to guest on a show during my degree, which was a goal I certainly surpassed. I recently reposted a photograph of the article on my Facebook page and have reproduced the article below. 

So, when we think of student radio we tend to imagine media/computer science geeks sitting in a tiny box room pressing play on a couple of old, scratched CDs and talking about meaningless things like how much a cup of tea costs in the Hub nowadays. When I first listened to Insanity I was a bit confused about whether there actually was talking – little did I realise that I was listening to the Music Through The Night feature and normal students don’t get up before 9am at weekends.

But then my flatmate’s friend got a show and at 11pm on a Sunday evening he started dutifully tuning in. He extolled the joys of getting a shout out and almost went as far as missing the end of a mini flat showing of Enemy at the Gates (sorry, Jude Law!) to ensure he didn’t miss a single minute. And so, on that Sunday evening prior to Reading Week (or essay deadline week for first year History students), I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It was indeed very exciting to hear my name read out on the radio, especially as it begun an unofficial shout out war between myself and my flatmate – for the record, I won (at least that week)! The music was also superb – a combination of cheese (my favourite genre!) and quality new music, blended together by musings from the presenters. And so the next week I tuned in again, this time whilst on Skype with my best friend Lara (whose name was pronounced wrong…) and unintentionally reignited the shout out war, something which culminated with my flatmate making a short appearance on the show and agreeing to guest present the following week.

This is where my addiction to Insanity escalated. I was tuning in hours before the Sunday night show to make sure I didn’t miss the start. I was texting incessantly until they shouted me out. I removed my iPod from my alarm clock in readiness for a journey and suddenly I was falling asleep to and waking up with Insanity Radio. I introduced it to my friends back home (Insanity now has listeners at University of Brighton!) and encouraged my friends up here to listen too. One of the highlights of listening was when they played a mash up of Christmas songs followed by S Club 7 and Steps.

And then, of course, comes the guest appearance from my flatmate. It was a fantastic way to end my week but pretty surreal knowing that I was not just listening to him from the other room but that people could hear him on Insanity across Surrey and the world. I feel he did a very good job though and there was great chat between him and the co-presenter (although the usual double act is still better), fuelled of course by people like me texting in for shout outs.

I am pleased to say that since then my addiction has died down and I am now back to listening on time every Sunday night and then at other times when I feel like it, rather than all day all night. That is not to say that Insanity has got worse or the novelty has worn off, but I feel I should maybe spend time writing essays (or things like this!) as once you tune in it really is hard to stop listening! My new goal for university, aside from getting a degree and living independently, is to appear on Insanity, or at least pop into the studio – so if there’s anyone reading who wants to take me up on that then please do! And trust me, Insanity is CERTAINLY not just geeks with CDs!

‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’ piece published in The Founder
‘Addicted to Insanity Radio’ piece published in The Founder

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